The Foundation promotes different transformation schemes by participating in programmes to foster scientific research, academic excellence and culture.

B-Value, the social innovation programme aimed at leaders in the Third Sector

B-Value is the programme that we promote, together with Ship2B, to drive forward the transformation of the Third Sector through innovation, in order to help develop projects from a strategic standpoint, design new revenue models, deliver on value propositions and move away from traditional philanthropic schemes. A number of social entities throughout Spain participate in the programme and receive support from volunteers at Banco Sabadell.

These Banco Sabadell volunteers mentor participating entities, sharing their knowledge, skills and extensive experience to add value to the projects developed by those entities. Mentors play a vital role in this programme, serving as a reference for Third Sector entities.

Programmes to promote culture and talent

We collaborate with cultural and educational institutions to promote knowledge and culture as the cornerstones of progress and social welfare. We take an active role in schemes, forging links with these institutions, adding value and generating a positive impact for the region. Some of the programmes that we are promoting this year are outlined here below.

  • ADDA Sinfónica, grants for young classical musicians, with the Auditorium of the Provincial Council of Alicante (ADDA).
  • Azkuna Zentroa, artist-in-residence programmes and Project Prototipoak.
  • CCCB, with “Misión Alia”, an educational project aimed at young people.
  • Celera, the people accelerator that offers a programme for young people with exceptional talent.
  • Cineteca – Escuela Dentro Cine / La Selva Coop – Horagai, film studies immersion programmes aimed at vulnerable young people.
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes, weekly radio programme “El Vuelo de la Lechuza” with Radio Círculo and “Diálogos para una innovación crítica: cultura, conocimiento y sociedad”.
  • ESADE, 4 grants for academic excellence.
  • Reina Sofia School of Music with the Entrepreneurship, and Social Innovation programme.
  • Amigos Teatro Real Foundation, with the Banco Sabadell Foundation Young Talents Cycle.
  • Balia Foundation, with the programme “Conecta Mayores – Conecta Jóvenes”.
  • Dadoris Foundation, a grant for academic excellence aimed at vulnerable young people.
  • Éxit Foundation, with Project YobExit, aimed at increasing the employability of young people.
  • Òpera Catalunya Foundation with Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès and Amics de l’Òpera Sabadell.
  • Las Palmas University Foundation, with the digital skills course “Experto Universitario en Competencias Digitales”.
  • Xesús Bal y Gay Foundation, with the Bal y Gay Festival, a renowned music festival in Galicia.
  • La Casa Encendida, with Project “Generaciones”, which supports and promotes young artists in Spain.
  • Teatre Lliure, with the Carlota Soldevilla Extraordinary Support for Artistic Creation.
  • Teatro de la Maestranza, collaboration with Sala Manuel García linked to young talent.
  • University of Vigo, cycle of conferences linked to the Leadership School.