We promote culture and the arts, as well as research and education, with particular interest in young talent.

By promoting culture and the arts:

  • We offer opportunities and resources to young artists so that they may develop their skills, in addition to building a more equal and diverse society.
  • We contribute to society’s cultural enrichment and we foster creativity and innovation.
  • We promote these disciplines as an instrument of social transformation.

Find out more about some of the projects we promote:

We bring together at SumArte close to 20 organisations from across the country to promote collaboracion and the co-creation of projects in the field of music
Dialogue in Barcelona in the framework of Hay Festival: to imagine a more humanistic future.
Art and Social Impact Hackathon: Banco Sabadell Foundation initiative to gather together young people, culture and a strong dose of creativity

By promoting education and research:

  • We are investing in the future of society and in its ability to find solutions to the most complex and pressing challenges.
  • We do our bit to boost the economic, social and cultural growth of the region, increasing productivity and innovation.
  • We create opportunities to learn and we promote people’s talent to make it easier for them to access the world of work.

Find out more about some of the projects we promote

B-Value, the social innovation programme aimed at leaders of the Third Sector
HYPATIA I: HYPATIA I: a mission of nine female scientists travels to the Mars Research Desert Station
City and Science Biennial 2023:A tribute to life