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Customer information

For your information and in compliance with the applicable legislation, we provide you with the followinginformation:

  • 900.700.010. A free consumer care telephone service in relation to the contract taken out and to dealwith any incidents and complaints which may affect the normal functioning of consumer relations
  • Customer Service: Banco Sabadell Regulation for the Protection of Customers and Users of Financial Services
  • Information on the procedure to deal with claims relating to “floor clauses” (cláusulas suelo) (Royal Decree-Law 1/2017, of January 20)
  • Guide for customers of the Code of Good Practices for viable restructuring of mortgage-backed debts on the main residence
  • Guide onobtaining a mortgage loan, published by the Bank of Spain(spanish version)
  • Board of general information about Basic Payment Account services(spanish version)
  • Bulletin Board of Banco de Sabadell S.A. (spanish version)
  • Basic Deposit Coverage Information
  • Informative brochure of consumer rights and obligations related to payment services
  • Mandatory Documentation Index (IDEP, Índice de Documentación de Entrega Preceptiva) – Valid information valid for consumers that formalise or enter into a mortgage transaction in Andalusia(spanish version)

Information about fees and interests

  • List of the most representative services linked to a payment account
  • Maximum customer commissions, fees, expenses and conditions(spanish version)
  • Fees applicable to payment services(spanish version)
  • Brochure on maximum fees for securities market transactions and services
  • Published interest rates and fees for tacit overdrafts on deposit accounts and tacit overruns oncredit accounts
  • Quarterly information on fees and interest rates most commonly applied or offered in the most frequenttransactions with most customers that are natural persons

Contractual information

  • Framework General Conditions
  • General conditions of mortgage loan agreements (spanish version)
  • Card conditions agreement
  • Prior information to card contracting
  • Standard agreement for custody and management of financial instruments
  • General provisions of factoring agreements

Other relevant information

  • Annex – Detailed information on personal data protection
  • Details of international transfers of personal data
  • Information on banknotes exchange rates
  • Information on currency exchange rates
  • Quarterly information on discount and exchange rates received by payment service providers(spanish version)