The management of the Foundation corresponds to the Board of Trustees, the body that represents it and that is fully authorised to carry out the foundational activities established by the Articles of Association and the Code of Good Governance that are shown below.

Chapter I
Name, purpose and registered address

Chapter II
Objectives of the foundation

Chapter III
Funds and economic management

Chapter IV
Governance of  the  foundation

Chapter V

Code of Good Governance

You can see the Code of Good Governance approved by the Board of Directors of Banco Sabadell Foundation on 19 April 2016 to the Spanish version of the site by clicking here.


Miquel Molins Nubiola
Sonia Mulero Monroy
Executive Assistant to Chairman and Director
Inma Ángel Ruiz
Management Control
Responsible: Emilia Garcia Sánchez
Judit Vicente Guiu
Projects & External Relations
Director: Victoria García Córdoba
Nuria Morán García
Helena Roca Segarra