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    • Contribute to the progress of society and the welfare of persons.
    • Promote activities of dissemination, training and research in the educational, scientific and cultural fields.
    • Encourage and support young talent.

    Supporting talent and promoting culture is the strategic centre of the activity carried out by Banco Sabadell Foundation. Our commitment to these areas has consolidated and continued to grow since 2016. Our commitment… Read more

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    We accompany entities and persons and we are always at hand to fulfil their needs.


    We promote the excellence and capacity for innovation generated by talent and effort


    We encourage innovation understood as the capacity to read the present in order to anticipate the future.

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    Action spheres

    Talent Support

    We accompany talented persons by supporting innovation and excellence in research and knowledge.

    Promotion of culture

    Our objective is to promote and share the arts as well as scientific, technical, social and humanistic knowledge.

    Organiser of prestigious awards

    We do not understand culture without talent or talent without culture. Both are wells of knowledge that feed back and multiply social progress.

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    Action criteria

    We collaborate with projects that meet specific criteria:

    • Compatibility of the project with the mission & spheres of the Foundation.
    • Degree of impact of the proposals of the number of beneficiaries.
    • Prestige of the organising institution.
    • Positive contribution to the value of the Banco Sabadell brand.
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    Management of the Foundation

    The management of the Foundation corresponds to the Board of Trustees, the body that represents it and that is fully authorised to carry out the foundational activities established by the Articles of Association and Code of Good Governance.

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