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Legal notice

Legal information


FUNDACIÓ PRIVADA BANC SABADELL, Plaça Sant Roc, 20, 08201 Sabadell, constituted by a deed authorized by a notary on November 17, 1994, protocol number 4,963. With CIF number G-60707791. Registered in the Register of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with number 872 according to the Resolution of the Ministry of Justice dated March 3, 1995.


General Conditions


The present general conditions regulate the use and access to the website or Internet service that Fundación Privada Banco Sabadell (hereinafter “the Foundation”) makes available to users through the electronic address: whose “IP” address is:

The use of the website by any user implies the full acceptance of these conditions and criteria that are permanently displayed on the web, under the version published and in force at any time. To this effect, users are recommended to read carefully the conditions and instructions displayed on the web pages each time they access them, as well as the need to reload at any time the contents that are in the cache memory of the user’s own computer in order to receive fully updated information.

All this is without prejudice to the specific conditions that regulate each of the calls for collaborations, awards, or scholarships whose application is accessible through the website.




The main purpose of the website is to inform about the activities of the Foundation, which, in order to fulfill its mission, acts in the fields of culture, arts, scientific and technical knowledge, social and humanistic, talent, and social action as a way of helping the progress of society.

The Foundation carries out its objectives through its own programs and in collaboration with public and private institutions. The Foundation facilitates the possibility of requesting collaboration in these programs through the opening of calls on this website.

Likewise, users can contact the Foundation and subscribe to the Foundation’s newsletter by completing the registration form enabled for this purpose on the website.


User: Conditions of use


The user agrees to make appropriate, correct, and lawful use of the contents and services of the website. Illegal, illicit activities or activities contrary to good faith and public order are strictly prohibited; and in general, any behavior that offends, induces, or may go against respect for human dignity and the principle of non-discrimination based on race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality or any other personal or social circumstance; against the protection of public health and consumers and users; or the protection of youth and children.

Likewise, any activity aimed at impersonating any person or entity, or interfering, violating, altering, or disconnecting the system, servers, networks, or contents, as well as failing to comply with any connection requirements, is prohibited.

The Foundation reserves the right to exclude the user from the service without prior notice and to take whatever measures it deems appropriate at any time, in order to avoid the aforementioned behaviors and activities.


Intellectual or Industrial Property


It is expressly warned that all elements of the website are subject to intellectual or industrial property rights. The content, source codes, form, design, and designation of products, applications, tools, pages, trademarks, trade names, logos, and graphics, including copyright, are owned by, have been assigned to, or are licensed in favor of the Foundation, so the authorship and the right of exploitation in all its terms and modalities are protected by current commercial and criminal laws, the infringement of which, apart from the corresponding pecuniary responsibilities, constitutes an illicit or criminal activity.

For all these reasons, the user must refrain from reproducing, adapting, combining, integrating into other applications, arranging, or any other manipulation or transformation, as well as any form of public communication or distribution, in relation to all content accessible through the web, unless expressly authorized by the Foundation. And even in that case, they shall refrain from doing so through procedures other than those specified and provided through the web itself for users, who, in no case, may download, print, copy, or transfer the content to any support, with alteration or modification of the content provided, in such a way that it differs, omits, adds, modifies, or contradicts the messages or information displayed and supplied through the web, in the way they are arranged in the system and in the computer records of Grupo Banco Sabadell.

The Foundation does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its industrial and intellectual property rights or on any other property or right related to the web itself, the services, or the contents.

Those websites that establish hyperlinks (“hyperlinks”) with the pages of Grupo Banco Sabadell must refrain from reproducing these pages, as well as from associating the link directly with any other page of the Portal other than the home page (“home page”). Likewise, they must refrain from using any distinctive sign, trade name, label, information, or any other content of the Portal, except for the indication that forms part of the link itself (“link”). In no case shall it be understood or declared that the Foundation authorizes, intervenes, assumes, participates, or has supervised in any way the contents of the page on which the hyperlink appears, nor even that it consents to its inclusion, unless expressly authorized.




The Foundation does not guarantee the user availability, access, or continuity in the connection to the website and in the provision of information. The Foundation and any possible content provider shall not be liable in the event of service interruptions, delays, malfunctions, and, in general, any inconvenience originating from causes beyond the control of the Foundation or the providers, or arising from the willful or negligent actions of the user, or force majeure. The Foundation also does not guarantee the usefulness, achievement of results, or infallibility of the content provided through the web, which in any case is of an orientative and informative nature. This information has been obtained from sources considered reasonably reliable, but should not be assumed to be infallible in any case, and should be contrasted with other sources before adopting any opinion or decision by the user. Any opinions, measures, or actions of any kind adopted by the user shall be at their sole risk.

The Foundation assumes no responsibility derived from the use by the user of the website contents, reserving the right to modify, replace, update, renew, prevent access, interrupt, block, temporarily suspend, or definitively cancel any service, provision of information, or any other content, whether in relation to a specific user or in general.

Unless expressly stated otherwise in each case, the Foundation does not intervene, participate, nor assume any guarantee concerning the services or products offered by third-party providers accessible through hyperlinks or advertising frames.

The Foundation assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused to the user’s equipment by possible computer viruses contracted by the user due to their navigation on the website or any other derived from their navigation.