The Banco Sabadell Foundation is the expression of Banco Sabadell’s commitment to the progress and well-being of people.

The Foundation was incorporated as a private foundation in 1994 to stimulate excellence and promote knowledge and culture. The goal of the Foundation is to promote outreach, training, and research activities in the educational, scientific, and cultural fields, as well as to encourage and support young talent. Over the course of our history, we have helped to drive forward activities in these fields and we have also consolidated our position as organizers of prestigious awards: the Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Biomedical Research, the Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Economic Research, the Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Science and Engineering and the Banco Sabadell Foundation Marine Sustainability Award.



The core values that govern the Banco Sabadell Foundation stem from a desire to serve; they are also the values that we require from the institutions with which we collaborate: proximity, excellence and innovation.

We believe that proximity is the appropriate way to act on our commitment.
We promote the excellence that comes from talent, hard work and equal opportunities.
We encourage innovation, understood as the capacity to interpret the present in order to anticipate the future, an attitude that is needed in all areas.

Areas of Activity

To ensure we fulfil our mission in a way that is consistent with the goals, values and purpose of the Foundation, our actions are geared towards three areas of activity: support for cultural institutions, research and education.

We support, foster and bring culture to society through collaborations with leading cultural institutions, forging strong partnerships to maximise their impact.
We foster research, outreach and knowledge in the scientific, cultural and educational fields, promoting activities in these fields and organising prestigious research awards and grants.
We promote training and academic excellence through programmes and schemes that seek to foster young talent, stimulating creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation

Action criteria

We share our founding values with the projects in which we collaborate, which are selected based on the following criteria:

  • compatibility of the project with the Foundation’s mission and areas of activity
  • objective interest of the proposal
  • prestige of the organising institution
  • level of impact of the proposals in terms of the number of beneficiaries
  • positive contribution to the value of the Banco Sabadell brand

Commitment to SDGs

The Banco Sabadell Foundation gears its programmes and collaborations towards its commitment to society and environmental needs, directly or indirectly working towards one or more of the SDGs defined as being priority or additional by Banco Sabadell, creating new opportunities through culture and talent as key factors of progress and social welfare.

We want to emphasise culture’s transformative power by supporting Spanish institutions to actively participate as agents of progress, transformation and change, promoting cultural programmes and content with sustainable development and social impact at the forefront. In addition, we uphold our commitment to talent, excellence and competitiveness in the areas of education, culture, scientific research, innovation and social development, which in our opinion are basic pillars to build a more sustainable and just society.