The Fundación Banco Sabadell (Banco Sabadell Foundation) was constituted as a private foundation in 1994 for the purposes of stimulating intelligence and promoting knowledge and culture.

The Foundation’s objective is to promote activities of dissemination, training and research in the educational, scientific and cultural fields, as well as to encourage and support young talent. Over the course of its history, it has made a significant contribution by giving impetus to activities in these spheres and has also become consolidated as organiser of two prestigious awards: the Banco Sabadell Foundation Prize for Biomedical Researchfor Economics Research and Science and Engineering.


The values that govern the Fundación Banco Sabadell stem from a desire to serve. They are also the values that we require from the organisations with which we collaborate: proximity, excellence and innovation.

We understand proximity as the appropriate way of responding to our commitment.
We promote the excellence that comes from talent, endeavour and equality of opportunities.
We encourage innovation understood as the capacity to read the present in order to anticipate the future, an attitude applicable to and required in all spheres.

Action criteria

The projects in which we collaborate represent the values mentioned above and are selected based on public and explicit criteria:

  • compatibility of the project with the mission and spheres of the Foundation
  • objective interest of the proposal
  • prestige of the organising institution
  • degree of impact of the proposals on the number of beneficiaries
  • positive contribution to the value of the Banco Sabadell brand


In the effort to fulfil our mission in agreement with the values and criteria mentioned, the Fundación Banco Sabadell has two spheres of action that allow us to meet our targets and plan our strategy in the medium term.

Young talent
We recognise and accompany people with talent by supporting innovation and excellence in research and knowledge.
Our objective is the promotion and dissemination of the arts and of scientific, technical, social and humanistic knowledge.