The Foundation was set up as a private foundation in 1994 to promote outreach, training and research activities in the educational, scientific and cultural fields, as well as to encourage and support young talent.

Since then, we have been working to build a more critical, fairer and more inclusive society through actions and initiatives intended to support culture and the arts, research and education, and in particular promoting young talent and stimulating creativity, knowledge and innovation.



Promote culture and the arts, research and education as an embodiment of our commitment to progress and people’s wellbeing.


The core values that govern the Banco Sabadell Foundation stem from a desire to serve; they are also the values that we require from the institutions with which we collaborate:

We believe that proximity is the appropriate way to act on our commitment.
We promote the excellence that comes from talent, hard work and equal opportunities.
We encourage innovation, understood as the capacity to interpret the present in order to anticipate the future, an attitude that is needed in all areas.
We use our capabilities and networks to promote ecosystems and projects, fostering the exchange of knowledge between institutions and disciplines.
We promote creativity as a tool for expression, inspiration and adaptation to a changing environment.
Respect for diversity
Every individual is unique, and we recognise this by fostering inclusion, thus contributing to a fairer and more equal society.


We promote a positive change in our society through collaborations and initiatives centred on two pillars: culture and the arts, and research and education.
By doing so, we help to drive economic, social and cultural growth in the region, increasing productivity and creating opportunities to learn and promote talent.

Culture and the arts
We support culture and the arts, contributing to the enrichment of society and driving transformation. We offer opportunities to young artists so that they may develop their skills, and we also take action to build a more equal and diverse society.
Research and education
We support research and innovation to invest in the future of society and in our ability to find solutions to complex challenges. We help to drive economic and social growth in the region and we create opportunities to learn and promote talent.

Commitment to SDGs

We design our programmes and enter into collaborations with social commitment, gender equality and environmental requirements in mind, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, taking into account those established as priority goals within Sabadell’s Commitment to Sustainability. We incorporate the gender perspective into all of our programmes and all of their phases, prioritising young talent in particular.