Young people building the future

Reto Futuro is a social entrepreneurship programme aimed at young people in vulnerable situations. It is designed to offer them educational content, accessible technological tools and the support of mentors, so that they can go through a learning and transformative experience that prepares them for a future that they themselves can create. We co-created this initiative, at the height of the pandemic, working together with the Exit Foundation and the Imagine Creativity Center.

  • The three winning teams were three youths from the Madrid Down Association, with their project: Zoomba; the team behind ‘Cruzar Para Mejorar’ by Transpirenaica; and the Next Station team, with the HagarApp designed by the Resilis Foundation.

“The Reto Futuro programme has shown me a new way to identify problems and find their solutions. I also loved being able to meet all the amazing people in my group. Dreams really can come true”, ”

Mohammed, of the Resilis Foundation, one of the three winning teams of Reto Futuro.