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Fundación Joan Miró is hosting a new programme of exhibitions ‘One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas’ at Espai 13 until September 2017, in collaboration with Banco Sabadell Foundation. The aim is to provide an analytical view of the work of six young artists who have worked on the diaspora.

This new exhibition “Every Object is a Temporal Space” by artist Nicolás Lamas unties the strings binding material reality, images and virtuality, bringing together 15 sculptures, photographs and videos in which culture and nature unite, as does physical matter, digital information and reality.

Lamas juxtaposes an alternative network of poetical relationships, which create multiple levels of reading and interpretation, and invite the visitor to rethink the nature of things and the way in which we perceive them. The exhibition sets out a debate on the inconsistencies generated between the physical world and systems of representation and thought.

An example of one of the works on show is Lamas’ Plato’s Cave, a video documentary which recreates the myths of a cavern, in which reality uniquely manifests itself through traces of light and shadows projected onto the walls of the cave of a group of prisoners. In direct contrast, Black Mirror (2016) is screened directly afterwards. Black Mirror is a dark look at the reality that the spectator confronts when looking at the darkness of a screen when it is switched off, and it is this same darkness that shows us a reflection, much like a mirror.

More about the programme of exhibitions at Espai 13

Until September 2017 you can visit and get to know the different exhibitions hosted within this programme:

-Momu & No Es (from 19/2017 to 05/2017): this virtual installation which examines the symbolic the symbolic dimension of places which form part of our virtual journey will be open.

-Eva Fàbregas (from 16/2017 to 30/2017): this artist from Barcelona has designed a project which is based on the dislocation of techniques which are frequently used in marketing, making it possible to activate social habits.

-Adrià Julià (from 11/2017 to 02/2017): during the month of May this artist has designed an audio-visual investigation on global dynamics based on facts which appear to be independent but which will end up being connected.

-Martin Llavaneras (from 13/2016 to 11/2017): this artist from Lleida will be in charge of closing the programme of exhibitions in which he contrasts established notions, such as the idea of nature, landscape or heritage, whilst he creates a more subjective interpretation of environment.