Abortion, the beauty of lines and the 80s in photography

Exhibitions, touring exhibitions and programmes from DONE, Correspondencias and ImagenRed. Three exhibitions took place in 2019: ‘On Abortion’, ‘La Belleza de las Líneas’ and ‘La movida. Crónica de una Agitación’.

  • ‘On Abortion’, the renowned visual research project by Laia Abril, which documents and conceptualises the dangers and harm caused to women as a result of not being able to access abortion legally, safely and freely.
  • 'La Belleza de las Líneas’, with photographs from the Gilman & González-Falla collection. The exhibition assembles a selection of masterpieces encompassing all genres and generations.
  • ‘La Movida. Crónica de una Agitación’. 1978-1988’. A collection of the work of four key photographers from the La Movida era: Alberto García-Alix, Ouka Leele, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez and Miguel Trillo. The exhibition offers a glimpse of this historic period from the perspective of photography, encompassing radically different settings and viewpoints.