Young, talented and creative dreamers

Collaboration with different editions of Imagine Creative Centre, an institution which promotes the talent of young people who overcome challenges through the use of innovative methodologies

  • This grant allows the winner to take part in the creative programme Imagine Express 2016, a high-speed train which goes from Barcelona to Paris and then to London whilst the dreamers aboard develop innovative technologies.
  • It is a grant for taking part in the creative programme Imagine 7 Islands, which takes place in the Canary Islands, where 4 teams worked on projects related to the tourism industry by generating disruptive ideas.
  • 3 grants for the 2016 edition of Imagine Silicon Valley, which took place in July 2016 in San Francisco.
  • Grant to take part in Imagine mSocial 2016, which aims to demonstrate the need and feasibility of projects which favour social inclusion.