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#YoCreoTalento “Supporting projects such as these helps people to continue dreaming”. Imagine Express 2019 dreamer

This year three 18-year old students from the University of Seville will jump on board the Imagine Express 2019 between 22-25 February, having received scholarships from the Foundation to participate in the sixth edition of this programme with the objective of developing technology solutions with the support of mentors. The dreamers in this edition have been selected having won the AERTEC Solutions Challenge, a programme designed to identify and capture the talent of young university students.

We have chatted with these dreamers to find out what their initital impressions are a month before they jump on board the train…

What are you expecting from Imagine Express 2019?

Rafael Barroso: Honestly, I’m not sure what to say. When I tell myself that I’m going to travel on board a train full of young people with lots of ideas, I’m excited to find out what I will discover, and at the same time, show my competitive side to make my project the best.

Cayetana Lloris: I prefer not to have a pre-conceived idea, and enjoy the experience as much as I can. The only think I can think of is that it would be really nice to see how our idea takes shape until being transformed into a tangible project. And of course I am very excited when I think about travelling to so many places in such a short time.

Daniel Martínez: A fantastic trip linked to a new unforgettable adventure together with my friends/colleagues and the other passengers, in which, apart from working on our project, we can enjoy the experience itself, which will be something that makes a difference and helps us to continue improving.

What has participating in the AERTEC-Imagine challenge represented for you?

Rafael Barroso: Personally, it’s represented initial contact with a somewhat more competitive process to what I’m used to.

Cayetana Lloris: It has been an excellent opportunity. At the beginning I thought of getting involved for the experience, to see what I could learn. But as time went on, I was happier and happier with my team. Although it’s not so much the trip itself, yet more what will happen, which is keeping me on the edge of my seat at the moment.

Daniel Martínez: A unique and incomparable experience which, even though you know it’s possible, you know won’t have the same experience again, which means that you enjoy it much more intensely, not just because of the adrenaline from working competitively under pressure, yet also because of having helped, which is personally enriching, and being able to get to know some incredible people.

How would you evaluate entities such as Banco Sabadell Foundation who support these types of initiatives?

Rafael Barroso: It’s very much appreciated that first rate entities support projects and challenges of this nature, which in this case, encourages us students to get involved, and let’s say it makes the competition seem “more serious”.

Cayetana Lloris: I think that all money being spent on research and innovation is a good investment. Supporting projects such as this one helps people to think. Normally, what stops you from thinking of new ideas is that they can’t then be developed, but, what if there was someone who supported you and helped you to develop them?

Daniel Martínez: Honestly, I think very positively about these types of projects being supported, which is a great way to make sure that new ideas contributed by young people are heard, such as me, and my colleagues, giving us a great opportunity for all of us to be equally involved.