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“For all of us who are just starting our working lives, these types of scholarships are an opportunity and a stimulus, an incentive towards effort.” Álvaro Muñiz, BID scholarship 2017.

Three young graduates from the University of Oviedo have received a scholarship to carry out six-month internships at Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) in Washington D.C. thanks to the Foundation’s collaboration with the University, with the objective of promoting young talent and improving training. This is the fifth edition in which we participate, to date, we have offered a total of 15 students from the University of Oviedo scholarships.

We have chatted to the three young students who carried out their internships at BID during 2017, for them to share their experience and let us know how it has changed their lives. They are: Hugo Menéndez, Álvaro Muñiz and Beatriz Prendes.

What has your experience at BID taught you? What will you remember the most?

Hugo: From the very first day I felt like another member of the team, they gave me responsibilities and they assessed my work. In fact, when the scholarship ended, I was hired by the same division I was working for, and I continue to work there. I believe that I have improved in all areas, in the professional environment as well as in personal areas, and I am better prepared for the future. Maybe that’s what’s most important.    

Álvaro: From my experience at BID what I remember the most is the knowledge that I have gained, the people which I have met, and my experiences of living in a new city.

Beatriz: I went to Washington with the idea of being able to do a job related to my studies, and develop an international profile. My experience at the research division at BID allowed me to not only work shoulder to shoulder with young researchers from the best universities of Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Germany or Korea (among others), yet I have also made great friends.

How would you rate entities such as Banco Sabadell Foundation who support talent and promote initiatives such as these?

Hugo: It is a unique opportunity, I feel very lucky to be able to participate. The key is to continue funding education and training. I would like to highlight the importance of being aware of these opportunities which institutions such as Banco Sabadell Foundation offer.

Álvaro: For all of us who are just starting our working lives, these types of scholarships are an opportunity and a stimulus, an incentive towards effort”. 

Beatriz: I think it is fundamentally important that these types of initiatives are carried out. Moving abroad does not only offer you access to professional opportunities which, otherwise, you could not access, yet it forces you to move out of your comfort zone, it allows you to get to know other social realities and different cultures, other organisational models, and overall, add value as a professional when you move back.