‘Non-Slave Tenderness’ new proposal from Espai 13

Until Sunday 11 March you can visit the exhibition by artist Lucía C. Pino at Espai 13, called ‘Non-Slave Tenderness’ where the artist has built a stronghold and a semi-isolated science fiction landscape, where toxic and waste elements are no longer separable from the biotic, a place where cables, glass, tubes, light, water, sounds and even people themselves created a balanced relationship with one another.

It is a landscape created using diverse materials from a liquid environment, such as the sea or an ocean, materials which, possibly due to the effect of the waves, and due to compacting, fusion, care, forcing and technology regulation have been converted into hybrid objects, which have become conglomerates of heterogeneous sediments. The environment invites us to slow down our pace, to move forward cautiously, and even to adopt a new attitude,


The Fundación Joan Miró is hosting the cycle of exhibitions The Possibility of an Island at Espai 13 until September 2018, with the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation, with the objective of offering an analytical view into the work of five young artists who have researched the limits set by humans to counteract the harmful effects of our actions against certain natural environments, based on several different studies.