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The Foundation launches the exhibition ‘Salto de página. El libro de artista en el siglo XXI’: ‘Turning the page. Artist’s books in the 21st century’ in Seville.

This exhibition shows an important collection that the Banco Sabadell Foundation and Art Collection have been gathering since 2010, with the establishment of ArtsLibris, the international artist’s book and contemporary editions fair, thanks to the ArtsLibris-Banco Sabadell Foundation award, the purpose of which is to acquire the winning works. ‘Salto de página’ also exhibits works from the last decade, particularly from the last five years, by various young artists through publications that they self-edited using digital technologies.

Salto de página is divided into four themes comprised by international artist’s books and publications: contemporary bibliography, the poetry behind book-objects, artist’s books and photo-books. Andy Warhol, Lawrence Weiner, Jaume Plensa, José Pedro Croft and Pablo Palazuelo discuss the work of various young artists such as Cristina de Middel, Ricardo Cases and Simona Rota. However, a large part of the exhibition also includes works from Andalusian artists such as Miguel Trillo, Rogelio López Cuenca, Guillermo Pérez Villalta and Eugenio Ampudia.

The exhibition was launched on 27th April, with the participation of collaborators who have made this travelling exhibition possible: the Banco Sabadell Foundation, the Banco Sabadell Art Collection, the José Manuel Lara Foundation, the Institute of Culture and the Arts of Seville (ICAS) and the Seville Book Fair.

De izquierda a derecha: Esperanza Alcaide, presidenta de la Asociación de la Feria del Libro; Antonio Muñoz, concejal de Cultura en el Ayuntamiento de Sevilla; Rocío Santa Cruz, comisaria de la exposición; Miquel Molins, presidente de la Fundación Banco Sabadell; Ana Gavín, directora de la Fundación José Manuel Lara; Javier López, director Feria del Libro de Sevilla.



What are artist’s books and photo-books?

An artist’s book normally has a more conventional low production cost book format. They tend to be self-edited by the artists themselves who in many cases go on to become editors for other artists. Some of the most widely known authors include Andy Warhol, Lawrence Weiner and Equipo Crónica.

A photo-book is a series of images that tell a story. In recent years, this genre has become more popular thanks to mock-up programmes and digital printing. More and more self-editing artists and publications use this format, including many young photographers and artists and renowned authors such as Yamamoto Masao, Cristina de Middel, Ricardo Cases and Miguel Trillo.


Book Fair, poetry events with the Foundation

The Seville Book Fair returns to the Plaza Nueva de Sevilla until 8th May, with a series of activities including signing of works, exhibitions, presentations, seminars and literary award ceremonies. One of the most highly anticipated literary proposals is ‘Poesía en la red’ (‘Poetry on the internet’), which will be held on 3rd and 4th May, with the collaboration of the Banco Sabadell Foundation. On 3rd May, there will be a recital of poet and singer-songwriter Marwan, and an act will be held on the 4th involving young poets who have published their works and become acclaimed through social networks, including Ajo, Victoria Ash, Rubén de la Cruz and Carmen Camacho.