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‘Shipwrecked Species’ kicks off the new cycle of exhibitions at Espai 13, Fundación Joan Miró

Until 7 January 2018 you can visit this this exhibition by artist Irene de Andrés, as part of the cycle of exhibitions The Possibility of an Island (La posibilidad de una isla).

‘Shipwrecked Species’ (Especies náufragas) reflects on the tensions between colonialism and the current tourism industry, within the context of post-colonial relationships. The project has been based on the discovery of the remains of the San José, the flagship of the Spanish Armada which had sunk more than 300 years ago close to the Rosario Islands near the Colombian coast. The remains of the San José were discovered two years ago. The exhibition includes videos, photographs, documents, texts, sculptural items and objects which have been discovered.

Irene de Andrés explains her project to us…

The Fundación Joan Miró is hosting the new cycle of exhibitions The Possibility of an Island at Espai 13 until September 2018, with the collaboration of Banco Sabadell Foundation, with the objective of offering an analytical view into the work of five young artists who have researched the limits set by humans to counteract the harmful effects of our actions against certain natural environments, based on several different studies.