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Culture, technology and society in the digital era ‘Big Bang Data’ arrives in Boston

Until 30 March 2018 you can visit this exhibition which explores the recent phenomenon of the data explosion in which we are immersed.

After stopping in Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, London, Singapore and Prague, the Big Bang Data exhibition, hosted by the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB), arrives at the MIT Museum in Boston to explore and explore the relationship between culture, technology and society in the digital age.

Through visually moving installations the exhibition explores how the generation, processing, and above all, the interpretation of data is radically transforming out society and changing the ways in which decisions are made at all levels.

The exhibition explores how, through works by artists, designers, innovators and thinkers, this phenomenon which in the last five years have witnessed a surge in the general conscience of the academic and scientific sectors, government agencies and cultural companies which generate, process and above all interpret data which is transforming society.