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#ConLaCultura – ‘Bachcelona Festival’, ‘Pasión por el Egipto Faraónico’ at the Museu Egipci in Barclona and ‘Trazos de la palabra: viñetas de Revista de Occidente’ at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Asturias

Bach’s music comes to Barcelona

During six days, from 19 to 24 July, the Bachcelona festival will be playing music by Johann Sebastian Bach in various different formats and in different locations throughout the city of Barcelona, with a programme for all audiences intended to strengthen knowledge of, and share all aspects relating to, his music.

One of the new features this year is the addition of La Pedrera, which will take the stage to give a concert by the Trio Fortuny, formed by Joel Bardolet, Pau Codina and Marc Heredia.

‘Pasión por el Egipto Faraónico’, (‘Passionate about Ancient Egypt’), 200 years of collectors at the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona

Until 31 December, you will be able to visit the exhibition ‘Pasión por el Egipto Faraónico’ (‘Passionate about Ancient Egypt’), with 105 original pieces from the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona. The display will take you on a journey to discover pieces by fifty private collectors, various museums and some of the most prestigious and long-standing antique dealers and auction houses. While many of these are not very well-known by the general public, others are more famous, including Rodolfo Valentino, Terenci Moix, Lord Carnarvon and the family of Winston Churchill, who were all linked in some way or another to the pieces on display.

‘Trazos de la palabra: viñetas de Revista de Occidente’

Until 28 October you will be able to visit this exhibition, which displays original drawings and works by renowned artists that were used to illustrate some of the covers of the Revista de Occidente magazine. The Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias (Asturias Fine Arts Museum) has arranged the display of this sample of works, separated into four sections corresponding to each of the four key periods of the magazines.