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Promoting culture and the arts to influence the region and society: discover some of the projects we are endorsing in Catalonia

Culture has the power to transform opinions, inspire change and foster creativity and innovation. In an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world, the role played by cultural institutions that foster culture and talent is more crucial than ever. Here at the Banco Sabadell Foundation, we believe in culture and the arts as instruments with transformative power, which improve the region and positively contribute to society’s wellbeing. We give opportunities to young talented people so they can develop their skills, we take culture to various audiences around the country and we foster creativity and innovation as tools to inspire society.  


We at the Banco Sabadell Foundation allocate around 60% of our budget to support projects organised by institutions that support young talent across various disciplines, such as culture, performing arts, music, research and education. Every year, we collaborate with over 160 projects throughout the country, a considerable number of which are in Catalonia. Our efforts not only serve to support innovation and economic growth, but they also improve the quality of life of thousands of young people, cementing the Foundation’s position as a fundamental pillar in promoting talent and the future of our country.

Some of the programmes for social transformation through culture that we are promoting together with prominent institutions in Catalonia include:



“Òh!pera. Microòperes de nova creació”, organised by the Fundació del Gran Teatre del Liceu (theatre foundation): this project brings together a playwright, a stage director and a composer, together with a design school and its senior students, to create an opera that speaks the language of youth and takes place at different locations in the theatre, offering a truly unique experience.

Izal Llorens, LCI student and participant of the Òh!Pera project in 2023, explained that “When we found out about Liceu’s proposal, we were somewhat overwhelmed by the opportunity to participate in a project of this size”.

Ànima Lliure is a project organised by Teatre Lliure, with which we collaborate and which aims to give voice and space to a series of functionally diverse actors. They are talented people, artists who need support in certain areas in order to develop and have their voice heard.


Julio Manrique, director of Teatre Lliure, said that “The help received from the Banco Sabadell Foundation, which has wholeheartedly supported the project from day one, is not only valuable but also indispensable”.

The Fundació La Ciutat Invisible (foundation) was created with the aim of bringing culture, in its broadest sense, to disadvantaged social environments. The Banco Sabadell Foundation collaborates with the project ‘A Tempo: Arts i Formació’, mainly in Girona and Salt. This project includes two kinds of initiatives: training proposals in the field of artistic pedagogies and free activities both inside and outside of educational centres aimed at young people and children. In addition, for the last three editions, we have held an educational training seminar in Seville, to offer artistic tools to teachers, artists, educators and cultural operators.



Joan Margall, director of Fundació Ciutat Invisible, noted that “Last year, more than 1,000 students from schools in Girona and Salt benefited from this project”.

The Schubertíada is a music festival organised by the Associació Franz Schubert (association), which we support and which focuses particularly on chamber music and song poetry. This is a festival that is committed to integrating architectural heritage in rural areas and to helping talented youths, and which has already launched the career of several talented young people in the years since it was first created. This educational element is consolidated with our support for the Lied the Future project, a programme designed to support young European talents in this field.


Víctor Medem, director of the Associació Franz Schubert, explained that “We are closely aligned with the values of the Banco Sabadell Foundation and its support is vital to this commitment because young people need support at the start of their careers”.

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