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#YoCreoTalento – Our 4 dreamers are now ready to participate in Imagine Silicon Valley 2018!

From 30th June-19th July, 12 dreamers will participate in Imagine Silicon Valley 2018, a programme for disruptive innovation, in which they will develop projects with the support of mentors and experts in San Francisco (United States), as well as visiting some of the most renowned companies in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Stanford and Berkley.

The Foundation has created the opportunity for four young people to participate in this intensive innovation programme, these students have won scholarships from the institutions with which we collaborate: Elena Andritchi, from the ‘Women for business leadership’ programme, led by WomenCEO, Javier Labrada from University of Oviedo, Álvaro Belmonte from the University of Alicante and Dámaso Moreno, from EDEM Business School.

Elena Andritchi, dreamer from WomenCEO

Aged only 20, Elena Andritchi, a marketing student, has participated in the ‘Women for business leadership (Mujeres para el liderazgo empresarial) programme.’ She is one of the dreamers who has won a place at Imagine Silicon Valley 2018, ensuring us that “It is vital and necessary that entities such as Banco Sabadell Foundation dedicate their time, as well as their excitement and ongoing work to capture and support current talent, helping them to grow through opportunities such as those created by Imagine”.

Find out more about Elena here:

Álvaro Belmonte, dreamer from Universidad de Alicante

Third year student of a Robotic Engineering degree at the Advanced Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante. Aged 20 he is also one of the dreamers who will participate in this edition of Imagine Silicon Valley 2018. Álvaro ensures us that “by spending a month at the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship, carrying out this project together with incredible professionals and learning the work methodology used there, is the dream of everybody who loves learning, progress and research.”


Dámaso Moreno, dreamer from EDEM Escuela Empresarios

Our fourth dreamer has studied Biotechnology and is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Leadership at EDEM Business School. Aged 25 he already runs his own business ‘BIOPINA’, which is dedicated to research and the development of biotechnology products for the treatment of natural stone.


Javier Labrada, dreamer desde Universidad de Oviedo

After winning the Concurso Universitario de Talento y Emprendimiento, CHAMP-U (University Talent and Entrepreneurship Competition) Javier Labrada, a double degree student in Nautical and Maritime Transportation, Industrial Engineering and Automatic Electronic Engineering from the University of Oviedo. Aged just 22 he is one of our dreamers, telling us that “it is a great opportunity to spend a month at the heart of the most important technology companies in the world”.