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#YoCreoTalento – ‘Artistem Sónar Campus’, success story from the B-Value programme and ‘Transpirenaica Social Solidaria’, a solidarity march in favour of inclusion

Success story from #BValueTransforma, social innovation programme

‘#Artistem Sónar Campus’, was one of the finalist projects of the first edition of B-Value, the social innovation programme which we collaborate with, together with Fundación Ship2B, directed at social entities located throughout Spain, with the objective of offering them sufficient tools to become sustainable and viable in terms of their projects. Below, we have included an example of a success story, after participating in the programme, of a person who has transformed their idea into reality.

Anna Blázquez, Head of the Digital Action department (Social Digital Innovation Projects) of Pere Tarrés foundation and creator of ‘Artistem’ explains her B-Value experience….

What has participating in B-Value represented to you? The fact that they consider us to be entrepreneurs, and they demand the same rigour and quality as the participants of other programmes, to me, means recognition of third sector entities and their social commitment. This founding principle of B-Value gave me the opportunity to work together with great people who accompanied me and advised me throughout the process.

You learn about the development of a project, not just through training, yet through the implementation of your own training. You experience different phases and emotions , from euphoria to disappointment. You change your beliefs, perspectives, and finally, you grow professionally.

What is #Artistem Sónar Campus? It is the first summer camp for technology and artistic creation for young people aged between 14-17 and it is based on the collaboration between Sónar (benchmark in advanced music, creativity and technology) and the Pere Tarrés Foundation (benchmark in education during free time). The Camp aims to offer young people two intensive weeks (not consecutive) where they will discover new future professions, they will create interactive environments and they will experiment with the technology applied to electronic music and visual arts. This is a unique opportunity in which art and advanced music students who have participated in the Sónar festival will join these young people in the learning processes, through motivational chats and workshops.

How would you evaluate entities such as Banco Sabadell Foundation and Ship2b who promote projects such as B-Value? I think it is a recognition of the professionalism of third sector entities. Perhaps it is because we come from a history of caring and a funding model which is based on donations and subsidies, now, more than ever before, a push is needed towards a change in attitude. Being aware of the need to describe the project within the context of a business model, with social purposes, is very important for its sustainability and continuity. Many times we are so in touch with reality and social requirements that we forget that behind this, a good structure is required.


#PorLaInclusiónTSS18 with Transpirenaica Social Solidaria

This year we will march in favour of social inclusion in Transpirenaica Social Solidaria (TSS), in which more than 300 young people, and 200 volunteers will be walking 800 km in 42 days, from 14 June to 27 July, from Cabo de Higuer (Basque Country) to Cabo de Creus (Catalonia).

This is a social transformation challenge which takes place in the mountains. We support it to offer young people an opportunity, who will be accompanied by corporate volunteers during the trip. This is an experience in which young people, teachers, professionals and entities get to know and develop values such as comradeship, overcoming limits, personal effort and team work.

You can also join the crowd funding campaign which Transpirenaica has created.