We are Banco Sabadell Foundation, a culture of talent

The Banco Sabadell Foundation was born from a recognition of the fundamental role played by cultural enrichment, the development of talent, and education in the construction of a more inclusive and dynamic society.

The tagline “a culture of talent” reflects our view of the transformational power of culture and talent as cornerstones of progress in society. It expresses our desire to promote outreach, training and research activities in the fields of education, science and culture, nurturing creativity, innovation and excellence as essential elements for building a better future.

Our goal is to be a catalyst for change, not simply by supporting projects that demonstrate immediate results, but by investing in innovative initiatives with the potential for significant and scalable impact. We believe that true innovation arises at the intersection of ideas, disciplines and origins, and we are dedicated to discovering and supporting ideas and projects that can redefine cultural panoramas and encourage social cohesion.

Through our work, we want to inspire others to join us in this transformational endeavour, creating positive change that reaches beyond our immediate sphere of influence. We hope not only to witness the emergence of innovative ideas and talents, but also to play a role in shaping a fairer and more dynamic world, where a culture of talent can thrive.

“A culture of talent” is more than just a tagline: it is a guiding philosophy that inspires our work and reflects our commitment to creating a world where talent, in all its forms, is recognised and nurtured, and has the space it needs to flourish.