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Close to one hundred Banco Sabadell employees took part in the Foundation’s presentations to learn more about its activities

Since June 2018, we have been giving presentations to different departments at Banco Sabadell to talk to employees about what we do and give them an insight into the projects that we take part in with institutions throughout Spain in relation to culture and talent. All of these presentations have taken place at the premises of the institutions that we work with. This allows us not only to give the presentation about the Foundation but to also offer employees the opportunity to enjoy the cultural events that are taking place in that institution. This initiative has allowed us to make a positive impact and make people feel like they truly belong in Banco Sabadell Group and, through it, the Foundation.

So far this year, between January and March, 113 employees have attended the 5 presentations that we have held: 2 in Madrid (Reina Sofía School of Music and the Prado Museum), 2 in Barcelona (Joan Miró Foundation and the Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture, or CCCB) and 1 in Valencia (Valencia Institute of Modern Art).

Some of the employees who took part in the presentations shared their views with us…

“Most of us weren’t familiar with the Foundation’s activities, its projects or its scope, and we gained a general understanding thanks to our visit. We were surprised at the quantity and quality of the projects and different fields in which it acts, the awards and recognition that it offers and its contribution to intellectual and social development. In general, what we have learned is that we should feel proud to form part of an organisation that has a Foundation that takes part in these initiatives. It has really given us an understanding of what the Foundation does and the areas in which it acts, and this increases our sense of belonging and our commitment to its projects and initiatives”, Federico Servetto, head of Customer Strategy at Banco Sabadell, after the presentation at the CCCB on February 19th, with the Product Strategy and Asset Management Division.

“I think these presentations are very positive because they involve employees in the activities supported by the Bank beyond the banking business. These activities support society as a whole, and therefore I think that the access that we, as the bank’s employees, have to these activities is a real privilege, and we should see it as such”, Santiago Alonso, management of legal proceedings, after the presentation at the Joan Miró Foundation on February 5th with the Legal Advice department.

“I personally was not aware of the Foundation’s activities, so it has been a positive experience to discover the work carried out by the Foundation and the people who work there, who seem to be genuinely excited about the project and who achieve impressive results with a limited budget”, Cristina Pérez-Coca, advisory unit for Sabadell Urquijo Banca Privada, after the presentation at the Prado Museum on March 14th with the Legal Advice department.

“I think it is important for the Foundation to make itself known among the employees of Banco Sabadell and to raise awareness of the activities that are being carried out. Before I didn’t know what the Foundation did, but now I know a little more about its activities. The Foundation plays a very important role for the development and improvement of society”, Jaime de las Heras, Commercial Banking and Business Banking advice, after the presentation at the Prado Museum on March 14th with the Legal Advice department.