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2016 in search of talent

Below, we remember some of the cultural highlights in which talent has been at the forefront of the Foundation’s daily work:

Classical Music Reinvents, the Albéniz Foundation, together with Banco Sabadell Foundation, started up their programme ‘Musical Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ of the Reina Sofia School of Music, which seeks to provide young students with everything they need to pursue their musical career and to bring classical music closer to the public at large. 40 students from the academic year 2016-2017 participated in this first edition.


LaKompanyia Lliure debuts with ‘In Memoriam. The baby bottle conscription’ and ‘Revolta de bruixes‘, the actors and actresses have made their debut on the stage of the Lliure de Montjuïc theatre after a preparatory period where they have focused on bodywork, dance, singing, interpretation and reading in under the supervision of experienced and famous theatre professionals.


10 young artists exhibit their work in Art<35 BS 2016′, throughout the month of September it has been possible to visit the Sala Parés in Barcelona and view this exhibition that contains work by ten young artists aged under 35. These artists have completed their studies or are currently studying at one of the schools of Fine Arts in Spain, and have completed the first stage of their training. The purpose of this exhibition is to give young talented persons an opportunity to exhibit their work.


‘International Landscape Award Rosa Barba for the green spaces design project for the London 2012 Olympic Games’, measuring more than 110 hectares, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was transformed into the hub of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Hargreaves Associates, winner of the IX International Landscape Award Rosa Barba, which Banco Sabadell Foundational collaborates with, designed the park. It is awarded at the International Biennial of Landscape Architecture organised by the Official College of Architects of Catalonia.


Schubertiada Vilabertran with young talents potential young talents participated in this 24th edition, such as Swiss tenor Mauro Peter, German soprano Anna Lucia Richter and Daniel Kharitonov, amongst others. This festival has become a springboard for many young talented persons who require opportunities such as this one to train themselves and gain stage experience.


‘II Banco Sabadell Foundation-Hangar Art Research Grant’, Hangar aimed at young researchers who are in the process of completing their PhD thesis at a Spanish university. The aim is to award grants to young researchers carrying out art research projects that involve a prototyping, formalisation or production stage. This stage will be carried out during a four month residency in Hangar.


Lots of luck to our 3 2016 Imagine Silicon Valley dreamers!, after a busy month in July in San Francisco the Foundation’s dreamers have returned to put their projects into action. Their time in Imagine Silicon Valley has been a great opportunity to train, get motivated and get involved with the sector and technology companies. One of our dreamers is already working in a leading company…