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The young talent heading for Washington

Cristina Pérez, who won a scholarship in 2014 and worked in the External Relations department, classed her experience as “enriching” and states that it’s a way to “gain more professional confidence in an international and multicultural area, being able to rub shoulders with people from different parts of the world, all working for the same cause”. An opportunity she also says led to a changes at a personal level as she’s learned to work “under pressure, to manage tasks and time, adapt better to any kind of change or situation and be more independent”.


Pedro Cueva also won a scholarship in 2014 and his work experience was in the Social Sector department, in the Social and Health Protection division. In fact, after his time in Washington he managed to get a job in the United States. He says that “in Spain I wouldn’t have learned everything I’ve acquired thanks to the IDB scholarship, working on the economic development of developing countries”. Pedro stresses “teamwork and the ability to multitask”.


Ulises Nieto is the third scholarship winner from last year and his work experience was in the Finance department. He states that his scholarship “allowed me to go that much further and achieve the goals I’d always aspired to professionally and personally”. He rates his experience as “enriching, because working and dealing with people from various countries and cultures, with completely different points of view, makes you see things differently and widens your perceptive range”.