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‘Somos edición limitada’, young people with learning difficulties search for companies to put their trust in them

Students of the Capacis Foundation, a non-profit organisation which aims to help young people with learning difficulties to find employment, have launched a campaign to showcase their value as potential employees and their right to be part of the working population. The campaign ‘Edición Limitada’ (Limited Edition), created by Aftershare, was the prize given out to the winner of the first edition of B-Value, a programme supported by the Banco Sabadell Foundation together with Ship2B.

Unlike the majority of campaigns of this type, the concept of ‘Limited Edition’ does not aim to merely argue that people with learning difficulties can work well despite their limitations. It highlights their differences in a positive way, without making them sound like excuses. It shows how people with learning difficulties are valid professionals who have a lot to offer in their own right, and who are capable of learning exceptional skills which make them into valued employees.

Find out more about the campaign on their website by clicking here.