Symposium on the importance of photography in society and culture

This symposium is part of the new cycle of activities that Fundación Foto Colectania will carry out this year, titled ‘But, what is photography?’, in collaboration with Banco Sabadell Foundation. The objective of these programmes is to highlight the relevance that images and photography have acquired in contemporary culture and society. There is an educational program, comprised of weekend workshops and trips to schools and colleges. As are all of Fundación Foto Colectania’s exhibitions, the educational program is of vital importance.

The educational service provided by ‘In reality all photography is an enigma’, which is led by A Bao A Qu within the framework of current Photography, proposes a reflective and creative closeness to the exhibition. The activities are planned in two stages: the first is a guided tour of the exhibition, which is always tailored to the interests of the participants, and with a special focus on a selection of the photographs. The second is dedicated to photographic and textual creation, in dialogue with the photographs commented on.