Seven young researchers from the “Research and Study” programme at UJI Castellon receive the Banco Sabadell Foundation awards for the best internships.

For another year, we have recognised talent through the Banco Sabadell Foundation awards for the best internships through the “Study and Research” programme at Universitat Jaume I de Castellón (UJI). Specifically, we have awarded prizes to seven young researchers who have participated in the programme during 2017. Through this recognition we seek to reward talent, as well as the effort and commitment of the students who have participated. A total of 117 students and 72 research groups have participated in this edition.

The award winners are three chemistry students in ‘Electro- optic materials: structural elucidation of Batio3 doped with EU(III)’, ‘Development of anti-cancer compounds with immunomodulatory activity’, and ‘Synthesis of amino amides deriving from the natural amino acid L-proline for catalytic uses’; a student of Chemical Engineering for their work ‘Synthesis of spinel combustions’; Economic students for the study ‘Transparency and negative spread in OTC markets’ and ‘Justice and altruism in the context of a punishment game: a gender perspective”; a Finance and Accounting student ‘Financial analysis of banking alternatives with mortgage floor clauses’.

More information about the programme.

“Study and Research” is a programme offered by the public university of Castellon, and it offers outstanding students the opportunity to obtain supplementary training by working as part of a consolidated research group from the first year of their course. The students are supervised by a tutor which shows them how to get started with basic research tasks at the beginning, which gradually become more specific and specialist in the last few years of their courses. Through this pioneering experience in Spain it is possible to encourage talent through the development of research skills as well as many other skills related to creativity, motivation and innovation.