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“Pública18 is the perfect format for innovative projects that need to find a space in the world of culture”

Poesía O Barbarie’, ‘Bee time’ and ‘Clásica FM’ were the award-winners in this edition of 10×10 Pública Innovación en Cultura which we are promoting together with the Contemporánea Foundation in order to recognise the innovation of cultural projects and offer their creators the chance to continue their work and improve their visibility.

It is exciting and also necessary for cultural projects that are developed from an innovative idea to receive this acknowledgement of the profession from prestigious cultural organisations in order to continue growing both today and tomorrow”, said Javier Benedicto, manager of the projectPoesía O Barbarie’.

The Innovation Director for ‘Clásica FM’, Kike Labián praised Pública 18 as the “perfect format for innovative projects that need to position themselves in the world of culture. It is, without any doubt, a perfect opportunity to connect, cooperate and grow with other players from all areas of the sector”.

This new edition of Pública 18 has helped to promote cultural projects and, as the coordinator of ‘Bee Time’, Jorge Gallardo, explained, “receiving this kind of acknowledgement for our work and this boost from institutions like the Banco Sabadell Foundation helps to promote the future sustainability of the project”.


More about the winning projects

-‘Poesía O Barbarie’ is a show in which each of the 5 special guests give 13-minute speech. After a brief introduction, the audience can take the floor and at the end there is an open mike session in which dozens of poets can share their poetry.

-‘Bee Time’ is an event in which artists and beekeepers can come together, and which has been held for the past three years. With these programmes we help to generate a conscientious, committed and discerning attitude, to generate more sustainable and respectful habits in society.

-‘Clásica FM’ is the second most popular classical music radio station in Spain. This digital format brings classical music closer to young people.