PHOTOALICANTE opens its doors to international creations


From tomorrow, 1 March until 3 April you will be able to enjoy in PHOTOALICANTE of the photography through a variety of exhibitions, interventions, workshops, conferences and master classes, taking place in a total of 22 especially dedicated public and private spaces featuring creations from international artists.

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For another year the Banco Sabadell Foundation is collaborating with this project, which seeks out innovation and development of new creative spaces to build new experiences in all the sectors which support culture.

This year, new activities include the Viewing of Portfolios in the Aural Gallery and The last Day of Photo in the Plaza de Santa María
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The scheduled activities include the following conferences: ‘The closed eyelids’, presented by Paloma Navares at the MACA on 16 March. ‘Creative processes and new horizons of contemporary photography’ Procesos creativos y nuevos horizontes de la fotografía contemporánea, by Rubén H. Bermúdez, Pepe Calvo and Cynthia Nuddel at the Museum of the University of Alicante, on 9 March. And interventions such as Mitar Terzic’s ‘Tales from Lemuria’ at Casa de la Festa, running from 2 March until 3 April, or, Miguel Palomino’s ‘Masks’ Máscaras at Plaza de Pio XII, from 2 March until 3 April.