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New exhibition featuring more than 70 drawings by Francis Bacon at the Niemeyer Centre

Until 8 April the Niemeyer Centre will be home to the largest ever exhibition to date of Francis Bacon’s drawings. For the first time ever, 73 works created by the Irish painter will be exhibited. These works include pencil, pastel and collage works as part of ‘Francis Bacon. La cuestión del dibujo’. The exhibition is divided into six different topics: figures, popes, heads, crucifixions, self-portraits, studies, portraits and tributes.

More information about Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (Dublin, 1909-Madrid, 1992) is one of the most recognised artists in the art world, the triptych which he dedicated to his friend, painter Lucian Freud, reached record figures of 142 million dollars in an auction held at Christie’s, New York.

In spite of not receiving any notable artistic training, he developed his own very recognisable style based on the return to figurative art which became visible after the Second World War, known as the New Figuration which included the addition of distorted elements. It is for these reasons that the works by Francis Banco lead us to reflect on the human condition and the existential anxiety caused by our existence.