The Foundation gives out grants to 3 dreamers to take part in Imagine Silicon Valley 2016

Three young people will become dreamers for the Banco Sabadell Foundation and will take part in Imagine Silicon Valley 2016, in San Francisco (United States). In July, this disruptive innovation programme will allow 12 dreamers to conduct an innovative and creative project, including 3 who have received grants from the Foundation: Mamadou Korka, Ángel González and Daniel Diez, whose profiles are very different but who are united by a common denominator: talent and effort.

According to the Chairman of the Foundation, Miquel Molins, this experience offers “a great opportunity to train in a field like innovation at the epicentre of technology, Silicon Valley. Being in touch with companies like Google can be a life-changing experience for these young talented people, and can help to expand their professional future”.

Mamadou Korka, a dreamer from Barcelona

At just 22, Mamadou Korka, originally from Guinea-Conakry, arrived in Barcelona 6 years ago in pursuit of a dream: to work in Google. Despite adversities, he has always known that, sooner or later, with perseverance, effort, studies and languages, his dreams can come true. For this reason, he has attended many language courses and has not stopped studying since he got to Barcelona. He has completed an Initial Professional Qualification Program, and studied Microcomputing and Networks during his Obligatory Secondary Education and Vocational Training. He is currently doing Vocational Training for Web Applications, thanks to the support received from the Exit Foundation.



Thanks to this opportunity given to me by the Banco Sabadell Foundation to take part in Imagine Silicon Valley, I am one step closer to achieving my dreams. I am going to give it my all.

Video application by Mamadou Korka: 

Ángel González, a dreamer from Valencia

After many kilometres and various different cities, Ángel settled down in Valencia, where he has just finished his degree in Mechanical Engineering and is in his last year of studying Industrial and Automatic Electronics at Florida Universitaria. This adventurous dreamer wants to make the most of the Silicon Valley opportunity with Imagine by paying particular interest to new technologies, particularly in terms of renewable energies and electronic vehicles, sectors in which he would like to specialise.


It is an honour to be selected for the Imagine Silicon Valley Grant, opportunities like this one are rare in life and I am thrilled to be one of the 14 selected candidates. As I said in my video, there is nothing like a good adventure, and it is even better if this adventure can get me closer to where I want to be tomorrow.

Video application by Ángel González: 

Daniel Diez, a dreamer from Oviedo

Daniel is a researcher and one of the earliest users of Blockchain (2011) technology, who, together with his studies in Business Administration and Management at the University of Oviedo and the Technological University of Luleå, has been performing different roles such as publishing for OroyFinanzas and Sintetia, providing advisory, recruitment and brokerage services in an the American investment platform BitAngels, and acting as Director for Business Strategy and Development for Bit2Me, which is considered one of the reference institutions in the country for financial technology.


Receiving this grant means creating an immersion programme in the best technological ecosystem in the world, and to have the opportunity to create an unprecedented project in the logistical management of major companies. I am very grateful to the partners of Imagine, the University of Oviedo, and particularly the Banco Sabadell Foundation, for championing innovation and the obvious national talent which we have in our country, thanks to which this opportunity is possible.


Video application by Daniel Diez: