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‘These types of programmes motivate, facilitate and make it possible for young people to participate in innovative initiates which are very likely to improve the society in which we live…” Imagine Express 2018 dreamer

This year, five young people are climbing on board the Imagine Express Train 2019. These five dreamers from the Foundation will participate in this fifth edition with the objective of developing technology solutions. From 23rd-26th February the talent train will be travelling through Barcelona-Paris-London with 39 dreamers on board. They will be divided up into multidisciplinary teams, and with the support of mentors, the dreamers will be tasked with developing innovative technology solutions.

2 of our dreamers, Pol Baladas and Albert Acebron, have been selected to participate in the category of ‘Developer’ after winning the hackathon organised by Imagine; and two other dreamers have won the ‘AERTEC Solutions Challenge #2’, won by Antonio Rodríguez and Josué del Valle, who are both Double Masters students of Industrial Engineering and Mechatronics at the University of Málaga, and they have competed with their project ‘Aerial Night Guard’, with a business idea which exploits the technological possibilities contributed by fixed wing RPAS, such as TARSIS 25, for the provision of innovative security services in unconventional circumstances. Both engineers will jump on board the Imagine tren, accompanied by an employee from AERTEC to help them develop their idea.

We have chatted with these two dreamers to find out what their initital impressions are

Antonio Rodríguez y Josué del Valle, ganadores del reto AERTEC, dreamers Fundación Banco Sabadell en Imagine Express 2018.

What has participating in this challenge represented for you?

Josué del Valle: I think it is very important that companies and consolidated organisations offer opportunities to young university students, for whom there is an entire world to be discovered.

Antonio Rodríguez: It has been an opportunity to open myself up to the real necessities of the world outside university. It has been an exemplary organisation, with a level of professionalism which has encouraged us, as young persons, to show entrepreneurial spirit and innovate.

How would you rate entities such as Banco Sabadell Foundation who support these types of initiatives?

Josué del Valle: I always had a different view of banks, now I understand that part of their role was hidden from our view, supporting projects and initiatives which allow us to live in a more developed society.

Antonio Rodríguez: Since the day that this challenge was presented, I have realised that organisations such as Banco Sabadell Foundation play a fundamental role. They motivate, faciliate and make it possible for young people to participate in innovative initiates which are very likely to improve the society in which we live.

What are you expecting from Imagine Express 2018?

Josué del Valle: I expect that it will be a unique opportunity to share experiences in a luxury environment.

Antonio Rodríguez: I think that the biggest opportunity which Imagine Express offers is the opportunity to share experiences and enrich our knowledge in areas which, otherwise, we would possibly not take into account…