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Space for talented young people at the Festa Major de Sabadell

From September 1-4, Sabadell celebrates its Fiesta Mayor with a range of cultural activities aimed at the general public. This year, particular attention has been paid to talented young people, through different spaces such as l’Estruch where theatrical functions and workshops have been organised, transforming the space into an area of alternative leisure.

Some particularly noteworthy activities include:

-Friday 1 September at 20:30 ‘He vingut a oblidar la meva realitat’ with Arcadi Bages, a group videogame based on exploration and introspection, which invites us to think about life and western society. At 23:00 ‘¿Y ahora qué?’ with Puntocero Company, through innovative and current circus language, and different aerial disciplines, it questions where feminine energy fits within contemporary society.


-Saturday 2 September at 20.00 Cabaret Garbuix’ with V de Vavel, a playful and enjoyable proposal which brings together the best circus performances; at 21.30 ‘Workshop Immersiu de terror’, with All Vr. Education, in which the audience will feel afraid through immersive virtual reality; ‘Drawdio’ workshop, led by Lina Bautista, which is all about drawing with Drawdio, a modified pencil with a simple electronic circuit which makes it possible to generate different sounds whilst drawing; at 23.00 ‘Sinestesia’, with Iron Skills Co, which combines hip-hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance to create a language in which humans and animals are united, inviting the audience to enjoy a game of sensory interferences.