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“It’s a train I want to jump on and stay on forever…to be continued…”

On 24th February Imagine Express 2017, the talent train, will be travelling through Barcelona-Paris-London with some very special passengers on board: the dreamers. Divided up into multidisciplinary teams, and with the support of mentors, the dreamers will be tasked with developing innovative technology solutions. Two dreamers from Valencia, who have been awarded a scholarship by Banco Sabadell Foundation will participate in this year’s edition. We have chatted with these two dreamers to find out what their initials impressions are

Liseth Monticone, graduate in Business Administration by Florida Universitària, is currently studying a Master’s degree in Innovation and Business Development at Florida Universitària – ValenciaLAB.

Héctor Alemany, a recent graduate in Business Administration from EDEM Escuela de Empresarios, actualmente participatin in the ‘Campus’ programme at Lanzadera, aimed at entrepreneurs.


What are you expecting from Imagine Express?

Liseth: Sleeping little and laughing a lot, providing value in the different challenges in the best way I can. Learning from inspiring people, I want to get the best out of the team, I want to support and coordinate with all of the dreamers. I have a lot of ideas that I want to share on the Imagine Express train. I can’t thank the Imagine team enough for giving me this opportunity to participate. I know that this experience is going to be unforgettable.

Héctor: What I really want is to get to know people who want to change the world, I want to learn a lot about them and enjoy this unique experience-which only a handful of us are lucky enough to be given.

How would you rate entities such as Banco Sabadell Foundation who reward talent?

Liseth: it is absolutely vital that there are entities which take a chance on us dreamers, with all of our passion and strength. Honestly, it makes me very happy to know that Banco Sabadell Foundation is supporting people who want to change the world somehow. I appreciate that our efforts are being valued, and personally, that my experiences-dating back my time at Florida Universitaria are also being valued. A lot of the time we say “you reap what you sow”. Today, in particular, I can say that Banco Sabadell Foundation is helping me to reap some of the many years I have spent working towards my passion.

Héctor: It is a way of putting unique opportunities into our reach, supporting us economically and with the necessary resources, and it is through these opportunities that we can make a bigger effort, learn and develop our creativity.

What do you expect your Imagine experience to be like?

Liseth: Giving it my all. I am already really excited to get going with my team, and for the Imagine team to take its first steps on a long journey. Without doubt, it’s a train which I want to get on… and never get off! To be continued…

Héctor: Creating a project together with other dreamers, and through our project, being able to improve other people’s lives.