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A lot of talent in Imagine 7 Islands, ‘Zeven’ the app for travellers



We have been able to talk to Paula, Banco Sabadell Foundation’s dreamer, who, after returning from the trip ensures us that “Imagine is sleeping little and dreaming a lot for 15 days, it’s changing your pattern of thinking and approach when it comes to undertaking projects, it’s an ongoing learning process, every hour, every kilometre.



Paula’s challenge was based on trends “we have to make the most of our trend as a collaborative economy, e-commerce, the internet of things…and also make the most of the islands’ assets”, which is why she did not hesitate, even for a second, to use two basic elements a lot of young people travel with: their smartphones and their rucksacks.


Zeven, the project

From that point, the dreamer tells us that she was inspired to come up with the “Zeven” Project, which, as she explains to us “is an application which allows travellers to fulfil 7 dreams in the Canary islands, and then they can leave a digital message in any of the hundreds of volcanoes on the archipelago, which can then be seen by any member of the zeven community. This is how you create an interconnected network with visitors to the Canary Islands”.

Regarding the name of the app, Paula says that “it combines the magic of the number 7 with a guanche reference. We decided to call it “Zeven”, referring to the number 7, as it is a magic number. But we also wanted to add a touch of the Canaries, so we decided to spell it with a Z, which is a reference to “Zebenzul”, a very popular guanche name in the islands.”


But Paula and her team did not just stop at creating the app, they also decided to design a new type of rucksack: “we decided to add some new elements so that it would become an intelligent object, a conscious and independent object that would look after us during our trip. In our design we chose the colours of the ocean and sky of the islands, as well as the volcanic rocks”. This smart bag incorporates geo-tracking functions, the capacity to generate energy thanks to its flexible photovoltaic material, as well as the possibility to charge electronic devices, in addition to the usual storage spaces.

imagine-7-islands-zeven app