‘When lines are time’, a movable exhibition at the Miró Foundation

Until 11 September you can visit this exhibition by Rosana Antolí, which has converted this artistic space into a place where you can interact and discover new things through movement.

The Miró Foundation gives us ‘When lines are time’, a cycle of exhibitions forming part of ‘Espai 13’, with the collaboration of the Banco Sabadell Foundation. It is a comprehensive project that aims to reflect on matters of time and production in artistic practices.

This work by Rosana Antolí makes us mindful of each moment, and moves between choreography and drawing, between action and waiting, between our daily lives and key questions such as: Where are we? What do we want?

The artist is interested in social behaviour, groups, communities and people whose fears and emotions are just below the surface. With Antolí, drawings become time and actions become circular structures.


This work is a response in which I aim to answer the question of whether there can be continuous movement and how to extend a single moment”, Rosana Antolí explains her work in more detail in this video: