Get to know the finalist projects of ‘10×10 Innovación en Cultura PÚBLICA 17’ [10×10 PÚBLICA Innovation in Culture].

This Friday, 27 January, the 5 most innovative projects will be chosen.

Fundación Contemporánea is organising the seventh edition of Pública 17| Encuentros Internacionales de Gestión Cultural [Pública 17| International Meetings in Cultural Management] at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th January. The meetings are a chance for cultural professionals throughout Spain to exchange ideas and experiences through a schedule which includes more than 60 activities, such as presentations, conversations, debates, workshops, evaluation and networking.

For another year, Banco Sabadell Foundation is collaborating with 10×10 Innovación en Cultura, where the leaders of the 10 most innovative projects are offered a chance for training, networking, evaluation of their projects, coaching, a change to publicly present their proposals and economic support to bring their projects to life.


Get to know more about the 10 finalist projects

The following projects have been selected:

The wrong: the aim is to create, encourage and promote contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biannual event, which brings together the best art selected by the best artists, whilst also integrating young, international, talented persons into the exciting sector of digital artistic creation.

Pares Sueltos: is an inclusive dance project, which includes workshops and choreographed dances by mixed groups with and without functional diversity, with the objective of bringing culture to a wider audience. For these reasons, Pares Sueltos, proposes to hold inclusive activities, starting from the design of such activities, searching for spaces which are accessible to persons with reduced mobility, and using communication strategies such as sign language.

Mediación en ruta: is a travelling meditation space, which promotes the sharing of education projects between different institutions and communities. Through different slides, which have principally been designed for different cultural projects, the travelling meditation space gathers, mixes, reactivates and reconstructs new cultural projects through education and games.

Hybrid-Festival of alternative art spaces: is a multi-location urban festival which vindicates the value of hybrid art spaces, which seek a more transversal format where art is joined together with other disciplines. The aim of Hybrid is to give visibility to the spaces which seek out new formats and search for new ways of displaying art.

Contexto teatral: this website was created for those people who are searching for a text they wish to reproduce in a theatre, and for actors and directors to find the playwrights that have written texts that match what they are looking for.

Myplayz: is a community to create and share cultural experiences in private spaces. This project puts Hosts (persons who open up their houses to culture) in touch with Artists (who wish to work in unique places) and Audience members (who pay to attend the activities). Definitively, it is a community which enjoys exclusive cultural experiences in private and secret places.

Música en Segura: it is a multi-event festival in Segura de la Sierra (Jaén) which will include 14 concerts, activities for schools, wine tasting, and other activities which will be held in parallel with international musicians. The aim is to create new audiences in rural settings, far away from the city, to boost musical education for children and young people who live outside of the city, and to make Sierra de Segura a cultural destination.

Directed by Women BCN MAD: it is a self-managed and not-for-profit project which, in 2017, will be celebrating its third edition. These cinema workshops, directed by women, are the fruit of the efforts of four cinema professionals and cultural managers to combining their strengths include Spain within the international network “Directed by Women”, social actions dedicated to reinforcing the presence of women in cinema during the month of September.

Tuerkin Fila 1: offers a management model based on Agile Methodologies, adapted to the individual needs of theatres and cultural spaces, as well as the production of shows and company tours, through which there will be a very close coordination between all of the professionals involved in project, with a continuous insight into the progress of the status of the project from the Managers of the organisation.

La Nevera de Lavapiés: has the objective of building cultural and social discourse in Lavapiés, a central neighbourhood in Madrid. The project aims to fulfil its objectives through artistic intervention, under the firm belief that artistic practice (teaching and production) has the capacity of reflecting socio-cultural situations in a context in which it is inscribed, to give them visibility and to re-think them