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#ConLaCultura – ‘Xavier Miserachs X Photography Biennial ’; ‘Soy vertical’ at Espai 13, Joan Miró Foundation; ‘Saul Letier’ at Foto Colectania; and ‘Annette Messager’ at IVAM

X Photography Biennial Xavier Miserachs (2018)

-From 4th August until 14 October Xavier Miserachs X Photography Biennial is being celebrated in Palafrugell, Girona. Up to 11 new exhibitions can be visited throughout the city, as well as an extensive programme of parallel activities.

The Biennial aims to showcase the work of well recognised national and international photographers, as well as supporting works by young photographers. This year the Biennial commemorates the 20th anniversary of the death of Xavier Miserachs (Barcelona, ​​1937-1998), one of the most important photographers in the country, and winner of the Gaziel award (1997) and Creu de Sant Jordi (1998), and he also  developed a close relationship with Empordà from the 60’s onwards.

IVAM compiles works by Annette Messager

In the exhibition “Annette Messager”. Púdico – Público’ at the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) it is possible to see how Messager, who belongs to a generation of artists who took on the requirement to create different languages to identify ourselves which were on the fringes of the patriarchy, uses daily objects in their worlds which have traditionally been considered to hold little value, allows her to transform their uses and feelings, creating ensembles, installations or photographs in which items which are traditionally associated with feminine objects, such as wool, material, rope or teddy bears can be combined with other very different objects.

130 colour and black and white photographs by Saul Letier in New York.

-FotoColectania Foundation hosts the new exhibition ‘Saul Letier: In search of Beauty’, which brings together more than 130 photographs, in colour and black and white, which showcase all of Leiter’s talents, including his most iconic photographs. Leiter has photographed the streets of New York city from an intimate perspective for six decades. You can visit until 21 October.

The exhibition aims to show the public all of the different aspects of Leiter’s works. On one hand, it showcases his most iconic and widely recognised photographs, almost 70 colour photographs which display the mastery and originality of Leiter in his use of colour. 44 black and white photographs of the streets of New York are also included, as well as nudes and intimate portraits. These are some of the first photographs taken by Leiter, which reflect the energy and rhythm of the streets of New Work in the 40’s and 50’s.


‘Soy vertical’, new exhibition at Espai 13

-The Joan Miró Foundation hosts a new show at Espai 13, as part of the cycle “The Possibility of an Island” , ‘Soy vertical’ by Lisa Gideonsson and Gustaf Londré, two Swiss visual artists who have been working together as an artistic duo since 2009, regularly investigating topics relating to temporality, the body and natural environment, exploring the relationships which are established amongst all of these items through performance, video, installation and text. You can visit until 11 September.