How can companies reinvent themselves to attract young talent? And what are young people looking for in a company?

A few days ago, together with Íncipy Digital Strategy Partner and Celera, we presented the fourth Study in Spain on Digital Transformation in Human Resources, which shows that only 32% of companies in Spain have a Digital Transformation strategic route map in Human Resources. Amongst the main initiatives, the following stand out: initiatives in the Internal Communication area, where the percentage of companies which are revolutionising their intranets towards more sustainable and interactive models is increasing, adapting the content to more digital formats.

During the event two round table discussions were also held. The first was to debate on how companies should reinvent themselves to be more “attractive” to a younger public, and thus attract talent. Marc Calero participated in this debate, Strategic People Planning Director at  Banco Sabadell, where he ensured that “we must incentive various aspects to attract talent, we must have a project vision, a type of leadership which generates diverse environments and means that people feel accompanied to drive the company forward”. He also shared that “the big challenge we face at Banco Sabadell is exercising internal leadership with a strong dose of resilience to cope with the slow rate of digital transformation on an internal level”.

The second round table discussion dealt with what young people prioritise in companies, and four young people from the Celera programme participated, winners of scholarships from the Foundation.