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Schedule for the weekend 9 June: cultural proposals in Barcelona, Galicia, Madrid and Valencia

This Saturday 10th June, from 22:00 the Real Jardín Botánico en Madrid will be transformed into an exhibition space with the light shows and photographic mapping at ‘En la noche. Proyecciones al aire libre’ which form part of the photography festival PHotoEspaña.


In Valencia, IVAM is adding extra dates to the exhibition ‘Perdidos en la ciudad’, which can now be visited until June 18. The exhibition is comprised of 300 works (paintings, sculptures, photographs and artists’ videos) which reflect human experiences in different cities in the world.

Another one of our cultural recommendations for this weekend are located in Barcelona and Galicia.

The exhibition ‘Da árbore á cadeira’ divided into four themes: design, industry, natural heritage and art, with which it relates property design and the industrialisation process of the timber sector and Galician furniture with the natural environment where the raw materials are extracted: the forest. You can visit this exhibition at the Centro Gaiás museum in Cidade da Cultura in Galicia.

-The exhibition ‘Fenónemo Fotolibro’ at Fundación Foto Colectania, showcases contemporary visual culture through the role of photobooks and printed photography, with examples spanning several decades, from Ródchencko, William Klein and Robert Frank to those by Laia Abril or Vivian Sassen.

-Lastly, the new installation at Espai 13 at the Joan Miró Foundation with the artist Adrià Julià and ‘Hot Iron’, a project which is based on the photographic archive of Catalan Romanesque churches, which had not been published until now, thanks to Ramon Julià Alemany who catalogued up to 556 churches between the 50’s and the 90’s. This exhibition invites us to reflect on the effects of the collective thinking of economic relationships regarding cultural imports and exports.