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Schedule for the weekend of 16 December: exhibitions and music

For this weekend, we suggest that you visit three exhibitions:

-‘Guardianes de piedra’ [Guardians of Stone] with MARQ held at the San Juan de Dios exhibition room at the County Archaeological Museum of Orihuela. It is a travelling exhibition which invites visitors to travel through the province of Alicante in search of the guardians of stone, seeking out for awe inspiring and impressive monuments, which tell us the stories of historic suffering and the castles.


-‘Perdidos en la ciudad’ [Lost in the City] at IVAM, an exhibition which brings together more than 300 works (paintings, sculptures, photographs and artists’ videos ) which take us on a journey through different cities throughout the world, and all from different points of view.El panfleto, 1929. Equipo crónica. IVAM

El panfleto, 1929. Equipo crónica. IVAM

‘Every object is a Temporal Space’ by artist Nicolás Lamas, at Espai 13 Fundación Joan Miró, an exhibition which unties the strings binding material reality, images and virtuality, bringing together 15 sculptures, photographs and videos in which culture and nature unite, as does digital information and reality.


And this Sunday, 18th December, there is a Christmas concert d “El Misterio de Elche” [The Mystery of Elche] , which includes theatrical re-enactments and has been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001.