Schedule for the weekend of 12 April: art, photography, history and music

These are some of the proposals for this weekend:

-This Saturday, 13 April, the Palau de la Música is hosting ‘Requiem de Fauré y Rutter’ with the Simfònica del Vallès orchestra, as part of the ‘Simfònics al Palau’ cycle.

-The Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) is hosting the exhibition Cuántica’‘, an exhibition which provides the keys to understand the principles of quantum physics, through creative and collaborative work by scientists and artists. The project invites the public to explore the new paradigms of modern science, to awaken their curiosity and value them critically. You can visit until 24 September

-Exhibition ‘Laia Abril. On Abortion’ a documentary which conceptualises the dangers and damages caused to women who cannot access legal, safe and free abortion processes. The abortion project groups together fifty stores, a conceptual map of the repercussions of not having access to abortion in the world, using photography as a basis. It can be visited at the headquarters of Fundación Foto Colectania until 9 June.

-Until 5 May, the Niemeyer Centre in Asturias is hosting the exhibition ‘Joan Brossa & Alain Arias-Misson. De la poesía a la palabra; de la palabra a la calle’. [from poetry to prose; from prose to the street]. It shows one hundred works by both creators, exploring the intellectual and creative relationship that Brossa maintained with the famous Belgian poet Arias-Misson. The exhibition which pays homage to Joan Brossa and the poetic-artistic conception of art works, concerns prose, poetry turned out onto the street, public and private realities cultivated by Brossa as well as by Arias-Misson.

-The Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) is hosting two new highly recommendable exhibitions: ‘Habitar el Mediterráneo’, an exhibition which brings together a mosaic of images, antique and contemporary works…it can be visited until 14 April 2019. And ‘Tiempos Convulsos’, which brings together works by artists who have shared the need to use techniques and images of mass culture and manipulate iconography produced by industrial companies to “question” them. You can visit until 20th April, 2020.

Until 26th May, the Joan Miró Foundation is hosting the temporary exhibition ‘Lina Bo Bardi dibuja’, to demonstrate the relationship between architecture and drawings. The exhibition displays drawings which are complemented with images of her building works, and her activities as an exhibition designer.

-Until 28th April, the Palacio del Almudí and Sala Verónicas de Murcia are hosting the exhibition ‘Floridablanca, la sombra del rey’ which recreates the imaginarium illustrating Floridablanca. The exhibition brings together 300 works, amongst the paintings, including works by Goya, Mengs, Batoni, Tiépolo, Maella or Bayeu… Based solely on the number of works displayed it can be considered as one of the most noteworthy exhibitions in the last few years dedicated to Carlos III and the Spanish S.XVII.

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is hosting‘Bartolomé Bermejo’ until 19 May. This exhibition brings together the works of various museums in the world, which showcases the works of one of the most important painters of the XV century. One of the works which can be visited in ‘La Piedad Desplá’ which has been restored thanks to the collaboration of the Foundation.

-‘Chapeau!’, an exhibition hosted by the Palau Foundation. De Casas and Picasso, to Balenciaja and Pertegaz, dedicated to hats and everything that they represented at a particular time, but mainly, an aesthetical look at one of the most fascinating items of clothing in the first half of the XX century. You can visit the exhibition until 9 October.