Schedule for the weekend 11 November: cultural proposals in Alicante, Barcelona and Valencia

For this weekend, we have a selection of 6 cultural plans: photography, theatre and science.

In Barcelona, you can visit the recently opened exhibition World Press Photo, organised by Fundación Photographic Social Vision, with the collaboration of Fundación Banco Sabadell, which showcases the best of photojournalism at Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (CCCB).

© Sergey Ponomarev - Reporting Europe's Refugee Crisis

© Sergey Ponomarev – Reporting Europe’s Refugee Crisis

More photography at Foto Colectania with ‘I wanted to be a photographer’, an opportunity to reflect on and think about the future of this profession…

Science and art unite at the ‘Tree of life’ exhibition at Centro Cívico Urgell, until 24 November, where you can see different images of the scientific work carried out by the Centro de Regulación Genómica (CRG) [Centre for Genomic Regulation], from the smallest elements such as molecules, tissues and organs up to live organisms.


In theatre, the actors and actresses of La Kompanyia Lliure will be performing two plays at Teatre Lliure in Montjuïc: ‘In Memoriam. La quinta del biberó’ and their recently debuted ‘Revolta de bruixes’.

In Valencia it is still possible to visit ‘Perdidos en la ciudad’ at IVAM with 300 works by different artists who visit the most important cities in the world to offer us extremely varied viewpoints…

Corrientes esquina Uruguay, 1936. Horacio Coppola. IVAM

Corrientes esquina Uruguay, 1936. Horacio Coppola. IVAM

In Concentaina (Alicante) you can visit the mobile exhibition “Luz de Roma” until November 30th, which is promoted by MARQ.