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7 exhibitions await you! Contemporary art, photography and technology

‘-World Press Photo 2017 Barcelona brings us the best of photo-journalism, with 143 photos illustrating some of last year’s most significant news stories: the migration crisis, political conflicts, human mobility, the influence of technology and the impact of mankind on the environment. The exhibition will be open until June 5th at the Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture (CCCB).

Foto Colectania Foundation : this exhibition focuses on contemporary visual culture through the role of the photobook and printed photographs, with examples from different eras throughout history, from Ródchencko, William Klein and Robert Frank to work by Laia Abril and Vivian Sassen. The exhibition is open until June 25th at the Foto Colectania Foundation headquarters in Barcelona.

-‘Da árbore á cadeira’ will take you on an emotional journey from the raw material to the finished product, from wood to household furniture, to invite you to reflect upon the environmental wealth of woodlands and the tradition in Galicia of trades linked to the arts of woodwork and contemporary furniture designs. The exhibition is open until November 5th at the Centro Gaiás Museum of the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia.

-‘Lost in the city’ brings together some 300 works of art, depicting various outlooks, different spaces and human experiences which have shaped life in cities during the last century. Through paintings, sculptures, photography and videos, you will be taken on a journey through several cities throughout the world. The exhibition is open until June 4th at the Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM).

-‘Self-organisation’ reflects on the concept of DIY (do it yourself) in contemporary art with over 60 works of art depicting the evolution of this practice. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and videos, as well as four installations and interventions. The exhibition is open until May 21st at the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

-‘Big Bang Data’ explores, through the work of artists, designers, innovators and thinkers, the data explosion phenomenon and how it is transforming our every-day lives. After being held in Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, London and Singapore, it now reaches Prague, and will be open until August 14th at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

-‘Sacred animals of ancient Egypt’ focuses on the close bond that united the animal world and this ancient pharaonic civilisation. The exhibition will be open until September 30th at the Museu Egipci of Barcelona.