43 social entities search for innovative value propositions

They have been selected to take part in the first stage of the B-Value programme.

A total of 43 companies have been selected to take part in the first edition of B-Value, a programme for the transformation of non-profit organisations which have an innovative project that they want to start from scratch or re-think, promoted by the Banco Sabadell Foundation and the Ship2B Foundation.

The first stage of B-Value begins on 1 February. Each team will have access to an online training platform and a schedule of webinars with experts from different fields in which various aspects relating to structure, marketing and development will be addressed. This first stage will allow them to finalise the proposition that they will work on over the coming months to start them and test their models.

After the first online stage, the 10 finalists’ propositions will receive support for the launch of a crowdfunding campaign through which their proposition will be shared and validated. Lastly, projects will be submitted during a Demo Day in June 2017, in which the Banco Sabadell Foundation will grant different types of financial assistance.


More about the selected institutions

The criteria based on which the projects were selected were: social impact (level of potential transformation that will take place thanks to the initiative), innovation (contribution of new, more efficient solutions to a specific problem), self-sustainability of the project (commitment and conviction to being economically sustainable with the objective of guaranteeing the project’s continuity over time), scalability and entrepreneurial team (the entity’s trajectory and the capacities and skills of the team behind the project).