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11 young people join ‘Celera’ a programme which identifies and offers tools to make the most out of talent

From this year onwards, we have joined Celera, a programme which has been created to identify young talented persons in Spain and offer them the tools they need to make the most out of their potential. We are collaborating in order to give these 11 young people an opportunity, to transform them into ‘Celerados’ to receive specially designed training for them through talks, workshops, courses…and activities oriented towards emotional intelligence, communication, productivity, problem solving, creativity or people management.

The 11 people selected will form part of a community of talented persons which is consolidated year after year, which is currently comprised of 41 young people from different disciplines who want to improve society and create a notable difference between “before and after” in different environments and areas to which each one of them belongs.

Their backgrounds are varied, with a strong focus on research, entrepreneurship and engineering, with a mix of seven women and four men. You can get to know each one of them by clicking here.