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#YoCreoTalento, get acquainted with the 4 winning projects of B-Challenge

The Banco Sabadell Foundation, together with the Ship2B Foundation, is promoting B-Challenge, which aims to provide innovative solutions to social challenges using self-sustainable business models.

4 projects have been given awards in this edition, which today launched the ‘Yo creo talento’ crowdfunding campaign, in order to collaborate with and support the talent of these young and ambitious people…

Get acquainted with the projects that have been awarded by the Foundation: Adalab, Growpath, Multihelpers and Zadig.

ADALAB encourages young talented women who have access to few opportunities to become digital professionals and build themselves a brighter future. According to the spokesperson, Rosario Ortiz de la Orden, “receiving this award encourages us to keep going and helps to reaffirm our belief that this is an important social project”. After having completed B-Challenge, they have announced the launch of a programme in which 30 women who are encountering difficulties in finding employment, shall reinvent themselves as programmers and in just three months they will be able to work as interns in the Adalab network companies, “we will change the lives of these women and offer them access to a future full of opportunities within the digital technology industry….


GROWPATH connects people and organisations that want to grow with a coach, mentor or educator, as well as expert consultants who know how to help people and teams as they grow. It is a social initiative that has set itself a challenge “for companies to have the chance to identify talent in growme and build a culture of solidarity between their organisations” explains Marta Giménez, co-founder. Receiving this award, she assures us, has been “an energy boost to continue working on this project with renewed passion and determination”.

MULTIHELPERS helps to provide a solution to household chores, putting the person needing help in touch with skilled youths to offer them their first employment opportunity. According to Adrián Miranda, CEO and co-founder, what they need is to “be able to show the world what we are doing in order to generate employment opportunities for young people who need them”, and he adds that, “receiving this award serves to confirm that we are already supporting young talents in a project that has a quantifiable social impact”.


ZADIG creates an itinerary in which young people can learn by resolving real challenges put forward by companies and other organisations, as well as going on a group trip that will enable them to identify and strengthen their passions through serendipity. For this reason, receiving this award from the Foundation has been “a great opportunity, and without this support we would still have a beautiful idea but it would be a lot harder to make it become a reality” assures Javier Navas, spokesperson for Zadig, emphasising that “between companies and entrepreneurs we now have the opportunity and responsibility of creating an ecosystem which promotes the creation of projects that have a positive impact on society”.