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Interview: “Every idea arises after finding a solution to a problem and sometimes the most bizarre are those which are the most important”

Borja, to receive the UPFEmprèn IDEA 2015 Prize; does this means The Camperbox is closer to becoming a reality?

I was at a phase of the project where I had to decide whether to continue or not and naturally now I see things differently. Regardless of the economic reward, this acknowledgment enables you to see whether you are really doing things well and of course we will soon see The Camperbox on the market.

Could this project turn into a new way of travelling?

The Camperbox aims to be an alternative to traditional accommodation such as hotels and camping sites, but it also aims to support new, more interesting ways of travelling in which we do not have to depend on timetables or locations to focus on what most matters to us: fun and adventure. Our objective is to reach two highly different sectors of the population; firstly, a public that tends towards this form of travelling due to the economic saving it offers and also the sector motivated by living through a different experience.

How did you get the idea of the traveller’s ‘kit’?

Every idea arises after finding the solution to a problem. In my case this happened over summer when we decided to travel to the Basque Country to surf. When we were looking at the subject of accommodation, we saw that the hotel prices made our budget notably higher. We then decided to consider the option of going to a camping site, but this meant having to spend the entire holiday in the same place and that was not what we had planned. It occurred to us that we could put a mattress inside the car boot, but for size reasons this was not possible. It was then that I had the idea of creating a bed that would adapt to most cars and could be easily folded when you wanted to continue.

What would you say to young people like yourself, who have an idea, a project but have not taken the step of materialising it?

I’d say first of all that if they have an idea they think is a good one, although it may seem a bit crazy, not to let it escape. Sometimes the craziest ideas are the most important ones. There is always a moment in the process of creating an idea when we can stop or be brave and take the risk. If you really believe in your idea and in yourself, any doubt should be just a formality.