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‘The Thrill of Space’, exhibition at Niemeyer Centre

The exhibition ‘The thrill of space’ takes centre stage, once again, sculpture, one of the fine arts that is best able to dialogue with the space created by Oscar Niemeyer. The list of authors present in the exhibition is as diverse as the 20th century itself, and includes artists such as Pablo Picasso, Julio González, Henry Moore, Joan Miró, Antonio López, Max Ernest, Eduardo Chillida and Martín Chirino.

The works present in the exhibition cover a temporary period of 118 years, from “Slave Head”, from Auguste Rodin’s 1898 work, to Bernardí Roig’s “Small Sound Exercises” 2016. Through this extensive temporary journey the visitor will appreciate how this art has evolved from figurativism to pure abstraction. The exhibition can be visited at the Niemeyer Centre in Madrid until 5 April 2021. Click here for more information.