#RavalKm0, a project which seeks to support culture, creativity and the involvement of young people in the district of Raval

Once again, Fundación Tot Raval is implementing the #RavalKm0 project, in which neighbours, traders and workers in this district will all be participating in. It is an initiative which is supported by Banco Sabadell Foundation and seeks to create training and professional opportunities starting from the fabrication of lights which will be used to light up two of the main streets of the Raval district, as well as different facilities during Christmas.

More than 60 people who live, work or own a retail establishment in the area are the protagonists of these lights, as after they have had their photographs taken, their profile will form the base of the of the 23 light arches which will decorate these streets. For the second consecutive year, these lights will represent a symbol of a community which is responsible and respectful to its surrounding, showing itself to have values such as creativity, living together, harmony and equal opportunities.


#RavalKm0 is a project which is the fruit of the collective work by different entities, institutions and retail establishments in the district with a common goal: to build and apply a philosophy of social responsibility.